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Sunday, 23 April 2017

PPSC Junior Clerk Paper Held on 23-04-2017

PPSC Junior Clerk Paper Held on 23-04-2017

 asar al sanadid book written in which year
china president name?
most abundant element in earth's atmosphere
malala yousafzai in un? ambassador
president of pakistan after ayub khan
president of pakistan after yahya khan
ghee ka chrag jalana?
Fia stand for?
taj mahal built by?
narobi country name?
hundai is the company of?korea
sun nearest planet?
maria sharapowa country?russia
batgram air base in which country?
adjourn means?
if x=3 then 2x-1=
napa stand for?
allama iqbal go abroad for education ?1905
apparel? cloth
simly dam on which river?
tree is noun or adjective?
grapes is noun or adjective?
software was application or program?
why we drink more water in hot?
Kulbhushan Jadhav arrested on which area of pakistn?
financial year strat from?
audacious meaning?
inquisitive synonym?
founder of mughal dynasty in india?babur
pak won odi world cup?
pak air force get how many nishan haider till 2017
who signed kashmir instrument of accession?
who recently attack on syria country name? usa
largest barrage of pakistan?
sukkar barrage old name?Lloyd Barrage
vatican city people live in which country?
syria president name?
trump party name?
khalel ul Allah?
hazrat ibrahim wife who is the daughter of egypt king
Police ka nazam kis na mutaraf karwahaya?
Michel Aoun is the president of? lebanon
PLA People's Liberation Army? (China)
 closest planet to the Sun?Mercury
surah yasin surah number in quran?36
kala bagh in which province?
Deosai National Park? sakardu

Ch Rehmat Ali Burried in?
2nd source of islamic law?
sakarpureha is located in? 
suez canal connect?
39 countries unite force head quarter?
39 countries unite force head name?
insulin is produced in the?
akbar ka mutzad?asgar
najam ka mutradaf?
k-2 is located in which mountain range?
statical data in row and column writeen? excel
deleted files is in? recyclebin
in 1988 who become prime minister?
 1st chief justice of pakistan?
in madina hazrat muhammad pbuh and hazrat abu baker live in?

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