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Monday, 3 April 2017

NTS Telephone Operator Paper of Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department Held on 02-04-2017

NTS Telephone Operator Paper of Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department Held on 02-04-2017
usa relationship active again after 5 years from which country?
who serves as Pakistan's Representative to the United Nations?
ranking of pakistan in un peace mission?
which country provides arms weapons to asad ul bashar?
euro zone countries currency?
14 april 2015 earth quick in which asian estate?
angel mereker country?
Labor force population is aing and shrink in which sub continent?
jinpur forest in which city of pakistan?
IS, ISIS, ISIL is the same group of different kinds or different group different kinds?
After abdullah who become saudi king?
helsinki is the city of which country?
rab spring strat from?
lands of suffis,sanits and poets? sind or punjab or kpk
current cm punjab?
kurdistan worker party is whose group?
c.m bluchistan?
gsp plus which year?
fifa world cup 2018 strat with?
manjudaro in which city?
which is important factor in human progress?
first woman pilot shaheed in pak?
cpec deal in whose countries?
$46 billion invest on?
eastern europe country not allow to cross border of west europe?
trump and hinary party names?
which country allow to air the flag on g.assembly?
psl final 2017 in which city?
puc stand for?
delete chracter in a document ehich key is used?
not a view to see your presantation?
create presentation from new presentation task pane?
how many default sheet in excel?
file comprises two no treat as?
how to add a serial number is ms word?
power point structure data to presentation?
cat : mouse ::   ?
dusk : night::  ?
allia father  ___ yesterday? had dies or died or has died?
____ who wrote  the poem? ali, it was ali, that is ali
knife: chopper:: ?
title bar display the naem of?
row no used in spread sheet is called?
cell does included in range c5:e7?
prime minter special assistant in national affairs?
ms excel strat with? = sign
spread sheet is a grid of ?
which is correct cell adress? c5
dd stand for? demand draft

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