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Sunday, 12 March 2017

PTS FDA Computer Operator Paper Held on 12-03-2017

PTS FDA Computer Operator Paper Held on 12-03-2017

How Many Ways TO Save Documents?3
Father of Computer Science?
open combo box short key?How many kinds of spread sheet?
wisdom synonyms?
High Level Language also called
---- is a subset of sience space? event
spelling  correct? clearly
A Compiler Means?
How many packets of weight 0.8 kg beef are formed
if there is 9 kg beef?
satpara lake?
brustla : bursh ?
Machine Language is a ?
Line Break short key?
Assassination word probility vowel? 6/13
Storage Capacity of Magnetic disk depends on?
waqar ul mulk date of birth
Muslim league 1st session in karachi date?1907
Hard Disk is a ?
Yard is to inch and qurat is to -----? ounce
eeprom stand for?electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
how many kinds of spread sheet?
Gutter Margin means?
Browse Panel shortkey?
explore: discover::
An elephant is a pachyderm; a kangaroo is a marsupial.
A lizard is a type of reptile; a daisy is a type of flower.
 explores to discover; one researches to learn
A bristle is a part of a brush; a key is a part of a piano
copy documents?
open dilogue box?
railway minister name?
defence minister name?
foriegn minister ?
information minister?
who demand seprate state in alla abad 1930?
opposition leader in senate? atizaz ahsan
chairman senate?
how to insert drop cap in ms word?
minto morley reforms?1909
A woman said his uncle daughter borther name ali what is relation between woman and ali?

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