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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Military Lands Cantonment Board Paper (General Knowledge) 19-03-2017

Military lands cantonment board Paper (General Knowledge) 19-03-2017

Duration of national anthem ?
1- Alberuni comes India with ?

2-line called between azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir ?
3-Bangladesh famous production
4-Bahadur Shah zafar was son of ?
5-first world war started ?
6-Gaddani beach location ?
7-microscope used to study ?
8-continent without desert ?
9-first man set foot on moon ?
10-currency of Syria ?
11-fear of books called ?
12-world widely spoken language .
13-yeast major source of vitamin ?
14-world's largest producer of tobbaco ?
15-world's largest stock exchange location ?
16-location of kachura lake ?
17-world environmental day observed ?
18-ZA Bhutto belongs to which party ?
19-Megawatt is equal to ?
20-Alexandra Graham bell Nationalty ?
21-highest battlefield world's .
22-shah abdul lateef known as ?
23-ECO abbreviation ?
24-largest continent by land ?
25-capital of Turkey ?
26-when United nations established ?
27-Taj mahal Located in which bank of river ?
28-when SAARC established ?

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