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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ministry Of Defence Assistant Director Paper Held On 26-02-2017

 Ministry Of Defence Assistant Director Paper Held On 26-02-2017

1. Study of coins: Numismatic

2. Zamindar news paper by: Molana Zafar Ali

3. In Kaba there were: 360 idols

4. Teacher of Plato was: Socrates

5. Great philosopher of Greek: Socrates: Plato: Aristotle

6. His father does not refrain him FROM smoking.

7. Theory of reward & punishment: Utilitarian

8. Energy from the Sun: Solar

9. Vitamin from the Sun: D

10. TB affects: Lungs

11. One party system in: China

12. Two parties of UK: Conservative+Labour

13. Liters: 15

14. 8*12=84

15. Distribute 60000 in ratio 3, 5, 7. Difference btw small & large share: 160000

16. Mix math signs

17. Luck pact was to: Settle Hindu-Muslim Disputes

18. Gandhi withdrew Khilafat movement due to: Chauri Chaura incident

19. Arsenal rotation of an object at the centre of earth: Circular+Zigzag

20. Sassi Punuh wrote by: Hashim Shah

21.Cont+F12 key: Open word document

22. Not application software: MS Word

23. Shudars: Serving lower jobs

24. Inclined towards social company: Gregatios

25. CENTo ended in: 1979

26. Finland Capital: Helsinki

27. End of Black age: Enlightenment

28. The great act in Greek was to: Sacrifice

29. Day of deliverance bcz: End of Congress Ministeries

30. During Chelmsford: Khilafat Movement

31. Leader of Quraish at Uhd: Abu Sufiyan

32. Bolshevik 1917 revolution referred to: Lenin

33. Germany attacked Poland in: WWII

34.Karl Marx said culture changes due to: Economy

35. To elect President via 1962 constitution by: Referendum

36. Father of political E conomy: Ibn-e-Khaldun

37. State comprises: Soverenity

38. State comprises Population, Sovereignty, Territory but not: Religion

39. Input device: Keyboard

40. Having no religion, the state is referred as: Secular

41. To keep things in for yourself irrespective to social revealing: Privacy

42. Popular sovereignty lies with: People

43. Diamond is expensive due to: Having rare utility making by people

44. Height measurement by: Altimeter

45. Going upwards atmosphere pressure: Decreases

45. Gas to resist UV rays: Ozone

46.Cold drink contains: Carbon dioxide

47. Real antonym: Fake

48. Landslide takes place in: Mountains

49. Summer Monsoon comes from: Arabian Sea

50. Pak coastal provinces: Sindh:Balouchistan

51. Harmful gase to environment: Carbon Monoxide

52. Oil & gas that we get from: Fossil Fuels

53. Fluctuate antonyms: Remain Constant

54. As me TO appear FOR exam

55. Place where low rainfall called: Drought

56. 1 Nibble=4 Bits

57. Coldest Place in Pak: Skardu

58. Hiran Minar in: Sheikhupura

59. On cloudy day, photosynthesis: Increases

60. The treaty of Human rights is called: UNHR

61. Baltic States got independence From: USSR

62. Power Power point consist: Slids

63. MS Excel has: Rows & Columns

64. which of the following is not a web browser: Microsoft Outlook

65. Pak is linked to china via: Karakaram Highwat

66. Pak joined UNO on: 30 Sep, 1947

67. After partition of Bengal, Muslim majority was in: West

68. Purpuse of RCD: Socioeco development

69. Factors of Productions: 4

70. UN declaration of Human Rights on: 1948

71. LCM 3 #.

72. Landscape+Potratrate: Page layout

73. Shah Latif poet of: Sindh

74. Bahaudin Zakria tomb in: Multan

75. Source fike is: High level language

76. After partition of Bengal, Muslim majority was in: West

78. Sialkot is famous for: Surgical Instrument

79. Source of I.Law: Jurisdiction

80. Morse code-Telegraph

81. Noise pollution cause: High BP

82. American declaration of independence via: Treaty of Paris

83. Developed countries try for democracy in other countries to- Liberalize trade

84. Developed countries ear in trade by: Tariff

85. When electron jumps from lower to oper shell/orbit it gain energy: Kinetic Energy



-Electric drill produces......... energy alongside sound and electric energy ( heat energy etc)

-Globalisation results (trade amongst countries)

-When electron jumps from lower to oper shell/orbit it gain energy (potential,kinetic

-Eros: God of Peace

- Minar e Pak constructed in: 1968

-6 ' o clock angle degree. 180

-Which of following is not a tissue. Nerve, blood, bone, stomach?

-Rabi crop sown in: November+December
Anonymous antonyms: Know

- NATO members: 28

- Capricios-Virgin?

-earth conference in 1992 on environment

- Green Peace HQ: Amsterdam, Netherland

-Hindu named Bengal Partition: Black day

-Kaseer-ur-Riwaya: Abu Huraira

-Britain PM elected by: Queen

-Marwan bin hakam: Syria

-American president should be resident of USA for: 14 years

- Hudaibia treaty for: 10 years

- Rook is called: castle

-Heaven on earth: kalash

-Marwan bin hakam: Syria

-China attacked tibet in: 1950

-coding words


-Leage of ex- British colonies is known as

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