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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sbp OG-2 6th Batch Paper Held on 01-01-2017

Sbp OG-2 6th Batch Paper Held on 01-01-2017


Company name of Panama leaks
Ambassador assisinated in Ankara 2016
Tapi gas pipeline?
1. which pakistani player take max wicket in one day international cricket?
A. Shahid afraid I
B. Waseem akhter
C. Imran Khan
D. Waqar younus

2. pakistan playing cricket with?

3. pakistan is not member of which trade organization?

4. Pakistan 1st capital?

5. Pakistan stock market crosses how much points in December 2016?

6. Which troops arrive for first ever joint military-exercise-with-Pakistan ?

7. PIA flight name crashes near Havelian was ?

8. Olympics kitnay year bad hoti?

9. Summit Bank is Merged now which bank?

10. Ideas mn kis k sath hua Pakistan ka agreement?

11. Average of 1 to 15 numbers is ?

12. Which one is odd 3 , 5, 7, 9 ?

13. Pakistan ky flag pr 5 star kis chez ko show krty hain (is tarhan ka sawal tha)? A. Muslim majority B. Minority of Non Muslim C. Both D. 5 provinces

14. Nu0vmber me knsee conference conference postpone hoi thi?

15. Which part of Pakistan is known as Tibet?

16. Who was the last Mughal empire of India?

17. Pakistan ny kis sy loan nhi liya?

18. Which one of them is not prime number? 43,47,51

19. Largest exporter of Pakistan? China , European Union, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan

20. Which of them Pakistan doesn't export? Textile, chemical, tea , sports goods

21. 6A , 8Z , 4B, 10Y , 2C, 12X, 0D, 14W What will come next ?

22. Current largest share in GDP which sector? Agriculture, industries, services, none




Scratch someone's back
Miss the boat
Cloud has silver lining

Largest export trading partner of pak?

1. Guddu Barrage located in Sindh Province
2. Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar
3. First Capital of Pakistan was Karachi
4. Olympics are held every 4 years
5. Malakhara is a form of wrestling
6. Green portion, Crescent and star represent Muslims
7. Highest Pakistani ODI wicket-taker is Wasim Akram
8. K-2 is also called Mount Godwin Austen
9. Little Tibet: Skardu
10. National tree of Pakistan is Deodar
11. Panama Leaks: Mossack Fonseca
12. TAPI: Turkmenistan
13. PIA Crash: ATR 42
14. Senate demonetization of: Rs. 5,000 note
15. PEMRA banned Indian content
16. Pakistan is playing cricket series with Australia
17. Ambassador of Russia was assassinated in Turkey
18. SAARC was postponed after 5 member states pulled out
19. Summit bank is considering merger with Sindh Bank
20. Pakistan is not member of ITO
21. First ever joint military exercises of Pakistan and Russia
22. Liquid foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan: $23 million
23. Largest export trade partner of pak: European Union
24. Largest contribution to GDP: Services
25. Labor force of Pakistan: 57 million
26. Pakistan has taken loans from all except: ECO
27. 40% stake bidding: Pakistan Stock Exchange
28. Pakistan Stock Exchange record: 44,000 points
29. Pakistan does not export Tea
30. IDEAS agreement Mushshak with Turkey

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