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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Guess Paper For Inspector Inland Revenue 2016

Guess Paper For Inspector Inland Revenue 2016



A- Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?

1- remote

(a) automatic (b) distant

(c) savage (d) mean

2- detest

(a) argue (b) hate

(c) discover (d) reveal

3- gracious

(a) pretty (b) clever

(c) pleasant (d) present

4- predict

(a) foretell (b) decide

(c) prevent (d) discover

5- kin

(a) exult (b) twist

(c) friend (d) relative

B- Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?

6- withdraw

(a) reduce (b) need

(c) advance (d) want

7- secret

(a) friendly (b) covert

(c) hidden (d) overt

8- heartfelt

(a) loving (b) insincere

(c) unhealthy (d) humorous

9- impartial

(a) hostile (b) biased

(c) dislike (d) worried

10- luminous

(a) clear (b) dim

(c) brittle (d) clever

C- Which is the correction option:-

11- Ali is afraid ___ spiders.

(a) from (b) in

(c) about (d) of

12- I am worried ______ the exam

(a) in (b) about

(c) on (d) of

13- He looks upset, I think he took the criticism ____ heart.

(a) to (b) in

(c) about (d) of

14- I am envious _____ them.

(a) of (b) in

(c) about (d) on

15- He confided ____ me.

(a) about (b) in

(c) on (d) of

16- They decided ____ the pink sofa.

(a) about (b) on

(c) of (d) in

17- She suffers ____ a heart disease.

(a) about (b) in

(c) from (d) on

18- The teacher set some homework _____ the end of the lesson.

(a) about (b) in

(c) of (d) at

19- I am good ____ tennis.

(a) about (b) in

(c) at (d) of

20- We arrived _____ the station an hour late.

(a) about (b) in

(c) at (d) of



(Comprising Sales Tax Act, 1990 amended upto July, 2014)

21- Tax fraction means the amount worked out in accordance with the following formula:

(a) (b)
(c) (d) None of these.

22- Taxable goods means all goods other than those which have been exempted under section:-

(a) 12 (b) 15

(c) 13 (d) 11

23- The goods specified in the Fifth Schedule shall be charged to tax at the rate of:

(a) 17% (b) 16%

(c) 19% (d) 0%

24- If the amount shown in the tax invoice or the return needs to be modified the registered person shall issue a:

(a) Debit Note (b) Credit Note

(c) (a) or (b) above (d) None of these

25- If the input tax paid by a registered person exceeds the output tax on account of zero rated local supplies or exports made during the tax period; the excess amount of input tax shall be refunded not later than _____ days.

(a) 40 (b) 45

(c) 50 (d) 60

26- No penalty under section 33 of this Act shall be imposed on a registered person unless a ____________ is given to such person.

(a) Summon (b) Arrest warrant

(c) Show Cause Notice(d) Warning

27- De-registration, blacklisting and suspension of registration are dealt under section ____ of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

(a) 31 (b) 32

(c) 21 (d) 22

28- A registered person making a taxable supply shall issue a serially numbered tax invoice in compliance to Section ___________?

(a) 21 (b) 23

(c) 25 (d) 26

29- A person who is required to maintain any record or documents under this act shall retain the record and documents for a period of _____ years.

(a) Five (b) Six

(c) Eight (d) Three

30- Section ____ empowers an authorized Officer of Inland Revenue to take a sample of any good or raw material for determining their liability to sales tax.

(a) 25 (b) 25-A

(c) 25-AA (d) 26

31- A person who applies for de-registration shall require to furnish a final return under Section ___ of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

(a) 27 (b) 28

(c) 29 (d) 30

32- Section 30 of Sales Tax Act, 1990 deals with:

(a) De-Registration (b) Delegation of Powers

(c) Appointment of Officers & Their Powers

(d) None of the above.

33- A Directorate General of Training and Research is established under Section:

(a) 30A (b) 30B

(c) 30C (d) 30D

34- Special Audit of a registered person may be conducted under section____

(a) 31 (b) 32

(c) 32A (d) 28

35- In case a person files a return within fifteen days of the due date. He shall pay a penalty of ___________ Rupees for each day of default.

(a) One Hundred (b) Five Hundred

(c) Five Thousand (d) Three Hundred

36- Any person who fails to issue an invoice when required under this act, he shall pay a penalty of

(a) Rs.5,000/-

(b) 3% of the amount of tax involved

(c) (a) or (b) whichever is higher.

(d) None of the above.

37- Where a registered person fails to produce the record on receipt of 3rd Notice in non-compliance with Section 25; such person shall pay a penalty of:-

(a) Rs.5,000/- (b) Rs.10,000/-

(c) Rs.50,000/- (d) Rs.30,000/-

38- A person who obstructs the authorized officer in the performance of his official duties, he shall pay a penalty of:-

(a) Rs.25,000/-

(b) 100% of the amount of tax involved.

(c) (a) or (b) whichever is higher

(d) None of the above.

39- Where any person repeats an offence for which a penalty is provided under this act.

(a) He shall pay twice the amount of penalty provided under the act for the said offence.

(b) He shall pay thrice the amount of penalty provided under the act for the said offence.

(c) Rs.50,000/-

(d) None of the above.

40- Any Office of Inland Revenue shall have power to summon any person under section:

(a) 38 (b) 39

(c) 37 (d) None of the above

41- All arrests made under this act shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of:

(a) Sales Tax Act, 1990.

(b) Federal Excise Act, 2005

(c) Code of Criminal Produced, 1898.

(d) Income Tax Ordinance, 2001

42- Procedure to be followed on arrest of a person is laid down under section ___ of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

(a) 37 (b) 37A

(b) 37B (d) 37C

43- It is necessary to produce an arrested person before the Special Judge or the nearest Judicial Magistrate, within __ hours of such arrest.

(a) 36 (b) 48

(c) 72 (d) 24

44- The Sales Tax Officer authorized to hold inquiry shall maintain a register to be called:-

(a) Register of arrests (b) Register of detention

(c) Register of Arrests and Detention

(d) None of the above.

45- A Special Judge is appointed by the Federal Government under Section:

(a) 37A (b) 37B

(c) 37C (d) 37D

46- A Special Judge may hold sitting at any other place according to section:

(a) 37D (b) 37G

(c) 37H (d) 38

47- According to Section _____, the Commissioner may, by notice in writing, require any person, including a banking company to furnish such information or such statement in connection with any investigation or inquiry in cases of tax fraud.

(a) 37A (b) 37B

(c) 38A (d) 38B

48- The Officer of Inland Revenue may enter a place to search any documents or things useful for any proceedings, after obtaining a warrant from the magistrate, under section ____:

(a) 40 (b) 40A

(c) 40B (d) None of the above.

49- Clause ___ of Section 45A empowers the Commissioner to take suo moto and examine the record of any proceeding.

(a) 1 (b) 2

(c) 3 (d) 4

50- An appeal shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs.

(a) Rs.5,000/- (b) Rs.1,000/-

(c) Rs.2,000/- (d) Rs.10,000/-

51- Appeal to the Appellate Tribunal can be made under section:-

(a) 45A (b) 45B

(c) 46 (d) 47

52- Reference to the High Court can be send within ____ days of communication of the order of the Appellate Tribunal:

(a) 120 (b) 90

(c) 70 (d) 60

53- A reference to the High Court under this Section shall be head by a Bench of not less than ____ Judges of the High Court.

(a) 02 (b) 03

(c) 04 (d) 05

54- An application to the High Court by a person other than the Additional Commissioner authorized by the Commissioner shall be accompanied by a fee of :-

(a) One Hundred Rupees

(b) Five Hundred Rupees

(c) One Thousand Rupees

(d) Five Thousand Rupees

55- Section ____ of the Limitation Act, 1908 shall apply to an application made to the High Court under sub-section:-

(a) 7 (b) 1

(c) 9 (d) 10

56- According to Section 48, Sub-Section 1, Clause (c); the Officer of Inland Revenue may take following action for recovery of arrears of tax:

(a) Seal the business premises.

(b) Stop removal of any goods from business premises

(c) Attach and Sell or Sell without attachment any moveable or

immoveable property of the registered person.

(d) A & B Above.

57- A liquidator is required to give written notice to the Commissioner within ____ days of being appointed.

(a) 14 (b) 15

(c) 30 (d) 60

58- Board has a power to make rules under Section ______:

(a) 50 (b) 49

(c) 49A (d) 50A

59- Board may prescribe the use of computerized system under section ____

(a) 50 (b) 50A

(c) 49 (d) 49A

60- Board establishes bar of suits, prosecution and other legal proceedings under section:-

(a) 50 (b) 51

(c) 52 (d) 52A

61- An authorized representative of a registered person may appear before the Appellate Tribunal as spells section:

(a) 50 (b) 51

(c) 52 (c) 53

62- Board may appoint a person to electronically file return on behalf of a registered person under section:

(a) 50 (b) 52

(c) 52A (d) 53

63- According to Section ____ the tax liability of a deceased registered person under the Act shall be the first charge on his estate in the hands of his successor.

(a) 51 (b) 52

(c) 53 (d) 54

64- Section ___ deals with removal of difficulties:

(a) 53 (b) 54

(c) 55 (d) 56

65- Service of orders, decisions etc are done in accordance with the procedure laid down under section:

(a) 54 (b) 55

(c) 56 (d) 57

66- Any order, Notice or requisition require to be served on a resident individual is sent by a register post or courier service to the individual’s

(a) e-mail address (b) last known address in Pakistan

(c) official address (d) None of the above

67- Rectification of mistake in any order passed by an Officer of Inland Revenue, Commissioner, The Commission (Appeals) or the Appellate Tribunal can be made as envisaged under section:

(a) 53 (b) 55

(c) 57 (d) 59

68- No person shall be declared as the representative of non-resident person unless the person has been given an opportunity by the _____of being heard.

(a) Inspector Inland Revenue

(b) Commissioner

(c) Collector

(d) None of these.

69- Tax paid on goods purchased by a person who get registered within 30 days of purchase of goods, shall be treated as:-

(a) Input Tax (b) Output Tax

(c) Ad Velorum Tax (d) Both (a) and (b)

70- When a person imports goods, the tax paid by him thereon during a period of ______ days before making an application of registration shall be treated as:

(a) Output Tax (b) Input Tax

(c) Progressive Tax (d) None of these

71- Section ___ provides powers to deliver certain goods, without payment of tax:

(a) 52 (b) 54

(c) 60 (d) 62

72- Board may authorize the repayment in whole or in part of the tax paid on goods of such class or description as it may determine under section __

(a) 60 (b) 61

(c) 62 (d) 64

73- According to Section _____ repayment of tax to person registered in Azad Jammu & Kashmir can be made in whole or in part of the input tax, on any goods acquired in or imported into Pakistan by person registered in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and are engaged in making zero rated supplies.

(a) 59 (b) 60

(c) 61 (d) 61A

74- Drawback is allowed on re-export but not such drawback is repaid unless the re-export is made within a period of ___ years from date of importation as per record of Custom House.

(a) 03 (b) 02

(c) 01 (d) 04

75- Section ___ deals with drawback on goods taken into use between importation & re-exportation period.

(a) 61 (b) 62

(c) 63 (d) 64

76- Federal Government may prohibit the payment of drawback on the exportation of goods or any specified goods or class of goods to any specified foreign port or territory in compliance with Section ___

(a) 64 (b) 65

(c) 66 (d) 67

77- Federal Government may by a notification direct that the tax not levied or short levied as a result of inadvertent practice shall not be required to be paid for the period prior to the discovery of such inadvertent practice, as per section :

(a) 64 (b) 65

(c) 66 (d) 67

78- All refunds have to be claimed within ____ year(s)

(a) 1 (b) 2

(c) 3 (d) 4

79- Application or claim filed under section 66 shall be disposed off within ____ days from date of filing of claim

(a) 60 (b) 90

(c) 120 (d) 160

80- According to section _____ liability of the acts of agent solely lies upon a registered person.

(a) 66 (b) 67

(c) 68 (d) 69

81- Duplicate copy of sales tax documents may be issued to a registered person on the payment of Rs.___

(a) One Hundred (b) Two Hundred

(c) Three Hundred (d) Five Hundred

82- All Officers of Inland Revenue and other persons employed in the execution of this Act shall observe and follow the order, instructions and direction of the Board under section ---- :

(a) 71 (b) 72

(c) 72A (d) 72B

83- Board may select persons or classes of persons for audit of tax affairs through ____

(a) Random Selection (b) Computer Ballot

(c) Manual Entry (d) None of the above.

84- According to Section 72C, Board may give ________ to Inland Revenue Officer/Officials in cases involving concealment or evasion of sales tax and other taxes, on their meritorious conduct in such cases.

(a) Promotion (b) Cash Reward

(c) Certificate of Appreciation

(d) None of these

85- Payment of the amount for a transaction exceeding value of _______, excluding payment against a utility bill, shall be made by a crossed banking instrument showing transfer of the amount of the sales tax invoice in favour of supplier.

(a) Rs.1,00,000/- (b) Rs.50,000/-

(c) Rs.2,00,000/- (d) Rs. 25,000/-

86- Retailer means a person supplying goods to general public for the purpose of:

(a) Sale (b) Purchase

(c) Consumption (d) Demand

87- _________ means a person who is registered or is liable to be registered under this act.

(a) Manufacturer (b) Supplier

(c) Registered Person (d) Retailer

88- Special Audit means an audit conducted under section ____

(a) 31 (b) 32

(c) 32A (d) 33

89- Taxable activity means any _________ activity carried on by a person whether or not for profit.

(a) Financial (b) Fiscal

(c) Monetary (d) Economic

90- Taxable goods means all goods other than those which have been exempted under section:-

(a) 11 (b) 12

(c) 13 (d) 15

91- Tax period means a period of ____ month(s) or such other period as specified by the Federal Govt.

(a) one (b) three

(c) five (d) twelve

92- Tax invoice means a document required to be issued under section _____

(a) 21 (b) 23

(c) 25 (d) 26

93- ‘Open Market Price’ means the consideration in money which that supply or ___________ would generally fetch in an open market.

(a) Demand (b) different supply

(c) similar supply (d) None of these

94- Appellate Tribunal means the Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue established under Section ____ of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

(a) 120 (b) 130

(c) 131 (d) None of the above.

95- Banking Company means a banking company as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, ____.

(a) 1990 (b) 1962

(c) 1984 (d) 1969

96- “Common taxpayer identification number” means the registration number or any other number allocated to a _____________.

(a) Wholesaler (b) Retailer

(c) Registered Person (D) Importer

97- CREST is an abbreviation of:-

(a) Computerized Return and E-Filing of Sales Tax

(b) Computerized Risk-Based Evaluation of Sales Tax

(c) Certificated Return E-Filing System

(d) None of these.

98- ‘KIBOR’ stands for:-

(a) Karachi Intra-Bank Offered Rate

(b) Karachi Inter-Bank Offered Rate

(c) Karachi Inter Bank On-Spot Rate

(d) None of the above.

99- Directorate of Post Clearance Audit is established under section;-

(a) 30A (b) 30B

(c) 30D (d) 30DD

100- Delegation of Powers to the Officers of Inland Revenue are conferred under section:-

(a) 31 (b) 32

(c) 33 (d) 34
1 (b) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (a) 5 (d) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8 (b) 9 (b) 10 (b) 11 (d) 12 (b) 13 (a) 14 (a) 15 (b) 16 (b) 17 (c) 18 (d) 19 (c) 20 (c) 21 (a) 22 (c) 23 (d) 24 (c) 25 (b) 26 (c) 27 (c) 28 (b) 29 (b) 30 (b) 31 (b) 32 (c) 33 (c) 34 (c) 35 (a) 36 (c) 37 (c) 38 (c) 39 (a) 40 (c) 41 (c) 42 (c) 43 (d) 44 (c) 45 (c) 46 (c) 47 (c) 48 (a) 49 (d) 50 (b) 51 (c) 52 (b) 53 (a) 54 (a) 55 (b) 56 (b) 57 (a) 58 (a) 59 (b) 60 (b) 61 (c) 62 (c) 63 (c) 64 (c) 65 (c) 66 (b) 67 (c) 68 (b) 69 (a) 70 (b) 71 (c) 72 (b) 73 (d) 74 (b) 75 (c) 76 (a) 77 (b) 78 (a) 79 (b) 80 (c) 81 (a) 82 (b) 83 (b) 84 (b) 85 (b) 86 (c) 87 (c) 88 (c) 89 (d) 90 (c) 91 (a) 92 (b) 93 (b) 94 (b) 95 (b) 96 (c) 97 (b) 98 ( b) 99 (d) 100 (b)

PPSC Junior Clerk Paper 27-11-2016

PPSC Junior Clerk Paper 27-11-2016

Peninsula Biggest city?
Area Wise biggest continent?
Most test wicket bowler in test cricket?
Most gold medal in 2016 olympics?
Namaz ka zikar quran majeed ma kitni dafa aya ha ?
Raheel sharif oth date?
Chief justice of Lahore high court?
non volatile memory?
Dolfan force become in?
Last mughal emprior?
Zaib ul nisa is daughter of?
Konsa badsha serio se gera?
Nelson Mandela ki book se konsi tareek katam oyi?
Sharjah in which country?
Aids affect in?
Cycelon means?
Largest produce crops in pak?
Faisalabad is famous for?
Seprate election electrot for muslims?
World bank become in?
World bank head quarter?
Which one not land lock country? Afgan iran Nepal swizerland
Assend synoyms
Facebook owner?
First two children in surface of earth?

plz share more questions in comments

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Assistant Live Stock Through PPSC Paper 27-11-2016

 Assistant Live Stock PAPER Through PPSC Paper 27-11-2016
1 largest countary area wise ? Russia
2 pink city ? Jaipur
3 dark continent ? Africa
4 largest country in africa ? algeria
5 tone of national anthem ? Ahmad G Chagla
6 design of flag of pakistan ? Ameer ud deen kdwai
7 include G-8 countries ? Italy
8 which country is not present in carribean countries ? Jordan
9 cuba present in which ocean ? Atlantic ocean
10 smallest ocean ? Arctic
11 south pole present in which continent ? Antarctica
12 equator passes which country ? Indoneshia
13 equator passes which river ? Congo
14 iblees is ? Jin
15 gatekeeper of jhannum ? Malik
16 which caretaker PM died on 22 nov 2016 ? Moeen Qureshi
17 which English player got title of SIR ? Andy Murray
18 better half meaning in urdu ? Wife
19 headquarter of league of nations ? Geneva
20 headquarter of OPEC ? vienna
21 governace in azad kashmir ? 24 oct 1947
22 solar eclipse ? moon come b/w sun and earth
23 malaria disease effect which part of body ? Spleen
24 diaphram help in which process ? Respiratory
25 vitamin A is rich in which ? dont know
26 bauxite is ore of ? Aluminum
27 deficiency of iron causes ? Anaemia
28 synonyms of Delete ?
29 ch rehmat ali burried in ? London
30 tripoli is the capital of ? Libya
31 the sun shines verticaly on equator ? twice a year
32 which UN body solve population problem ? UNFPA
33 how many countries did not recognize israel ? 31

34 Basic democary ....1959
35 Soil errosion....water nd wind
36 Kis player ko knighthood award mila?....alstair cook
37 Earth ka size wise ketna number ha? 5th
38 How many countries not recnognizes israel
 More urbanized country....pak srilanka india bandladesh ....i skip
Iron deficncy....anemia
Babaye sahafat....molana zafr ali khan
Jadeed ghzal ka bani...hasrat mohani
Phla sahbe dewan poet....kali quatub shah
Tehri kher....muskal kam
Joton m dal batna....lrae jgdra ...nachaki...3no option thy
Better half....sary ay adha bhtr
Charity begins at home....phly apny ghar sy kam strt krna
Recent 22 nov ko care taker prime mister died?....moendon qureshi
Sarrc confernce frst? Dhaka
Cuba is in ? Atlantic ocean
1967 m kis ko beat kea tha boxer mohanmad ali ny....i skip

Federal Government Organization IB Paper 25-11-2016

 Federal Government Organization IB Paper 25-11-2016 (OM BS-09)

1. Muslim League was established in = 1906
2. What is IP address. A unique logical address for connecting to Internet.
3. Device for Display : Monitor.
4. Symbol for Autosum in excel : ∑
5. Symbol for Justify aligment in MS Word.
6. Software suitable for graphics = powerpoint.
7. Software for documentation= MS Word.
8. What is role of F5 in Powerpoint= Slideshow the slides.
9. Ctrl+v = paste.
10. Ctrl + x = cut.
11. If a file is created in powerpoint and you want to send it through email than which option will be selected= Attachment.
12. Misspelled words in Ms word are underlined using =red color.
13. For cell reference which format is used= A12 etc
14. The left moving on u turn of vehicle is due to = fraction (not sure)
15. 1973 Constitution is = parlimentarly.
16. Weight of Hydrogen = ?
17. Minimum rows and columns in MS word table = 1 row and 1 column
18. When was 14 points presented by Quaid e Azam = 1929
19. When was partition of Bengal demolished = 1911.
20. Commandar In chief of Kufar in Gazwa e Badar = Utba (Not sure).
21. Drinking Hard water cause diseases of = Stomach (not sure)
22. Pakistan became republic in = 1956
23. Sui city is famous for = natural Gas.
24. Simla deputation was headed by= Sir Agha Khan
25. Who ordered to fire in Jilanwala.
26. Non-cooperation moment =?
27. Density of water 4 degree centigrade.
28. Gelatine is used in ice cream for?
29. Bait e Rizwan was taken for the Revenge of = Hazrat Usman (R.a)
30. The deepness of lake water isn’t seemable due to = reflection(not sure)
31. The visuals are not displayed in which type of View in Ms Word = None of these.
32. Mail Merge is an option used in = MS Word.
33. For connecting to internet what is necessary = Network Interface card.
Why diamond is used in cutting glass?
. Like poles, attract, repel,?
Rock sath is a source of? Potasium, sodium, lithium, cesium
. why Gelatin is added to ice-cream? Faster frezing, give taste, gve flvr, avoid crystal formatn.
. Antnyms were: plenty, anexiety, profficient.
. Synyms: paradox, havoc.
Q.Topic of the essay:
Computer; the need of today(10 marks)
Q.English paragraphs;
1. To become happy two or more than two hobbies ...
2.reading of magazines and other publications
3.full paragraph.
The rattlesnake has a reputation as a dangerous and deadly snake with a fierce hatred for humanity. Although the rattlesnake is indeed a venomous snake capable of killing a human, its nature has perhaps been somewhat exaggerated in myth and folklore.
The rattlesnake is not inherently aggressive and generally strikes only when it has been put on the defensive. In its defensive posture the rattlesnake raises the front part of its body off the ground and assumes an S-shapes form in preparation for lunge forward. At the end of a forward thrust, the rattlesnake pushes its fangs into the victim, thereby injecting its venom.
There are more than 30 species of rattlesnakes, varying in length from 20 inches to 6 feet and also varying in toxicity of venom. In the United States there are only a few deaths annually from rattlesnakes, with a mortality rate of less than 2 percent of those attacked

Federal Government Organization (IB) Paper Held On 27-11-2016

Federal Government Organization (IB) Paper Held On 27-11-2016
mix mcqs
First Muslim slave
quaid azam ka 14 points kitne corem se manzor oye 1- one third 2- two third 3- fourth fifth
asian hockey champions trophy ka final kone country ka dermehan khela gaya
Choto gang operation name?
2 november ka darna mokar karne ka bad imran khan na 3 november ka liye kya alaan keya 
yeast powder in bread we get? 1- cardon die oxide 2-oxygen 3- sugar 
turkey president name?
nawaz sharif term?
what issue of afgan girl sherbat gula 
pakistan resulation presented by ? 
tipu sultan tiger of? maysore
bob dylan noble prize winner 2016 belong to whic country
which metal is reactive ?
new information misnister of pakistan?
purpose of aligarh movement?
first man to demand seprate Separate Electorates for muslims
khilafat movement purpose 
12 man complete a work in 1 hour how many man required to complete a work in 3 hour?
 2016 t20 world cup held in?
help key in ms office?
table align text with the help of? rows and column
vertical line show in excel? column
chinot city is famous for?
fish breathes through? gill 
Essay in gd 9 ma corruption
Eassay in gd 5 ma favourit Book
Injeel book? Hazrat Essa
whose prime minister resign 1st after panama papers

WHO Give the test plz share the questions

Monday, 21 November 2016

Islamabad High Court Jobs Through Nts 22-11-2016

Islamabad High Court Jobs Through Nts 22-11-2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Assistant Superintendent Paper PPSC 13-11-2016

Assistant Superintendent Paper PPSC 13-11-2016
1 3 dec. is disabled person day
2. pm interm gov. non of these
3. first women police station. islamabad
4. he did not pay heed..... his brother advise. on
5. head quarter of ADB. manalia
6. heat received by earth from sun. solar rediation
7. max no of hafiz quran martyard. jang e yamama
8. LOC kishmire ceasefire. 1949
9. US adminstred ashton carter. us secratorary of defence.
10. business through internet. e-commerce
11. light travel speed mile per second. 186000
12. RSVP card invitation was written in. french
13. karachi neuclear power plant with help of. canada
14. gulam mohammad barrage is on. kotri hyderabad sind
15. a bag contain 9 kg sugar and 450 g each. ( 20)
16. constitution of all india muslim league heeded by. m. ali joher
17. 2. 4. 12. 48. 240....... (1440)
18. then a quickly finish
19. highest litracy rate among saarc. maldives
20. to act as my (councel)
21. gomal universty D. I. khan
22. internet banking (cyber banking)
23. let him free untill day of jugement. iblees
24. condileza rice. us secratory of state
25. menchester united. football club
26. first radio station. karachi
27. fifa champion. germony
28. has no headquarter. g-8
29. Afghanistan province near durand line. pakitapka
30. average age 13=26
31. rangit sing contemorary. guru nanak
32. won noble prize twice. nelson mandela
33. 600000 paid 570000. discont is 5%
34. first hafiz quran. hazrat usman
35. bravely. adjective
36. exemplify. illustrate
37. neelum vally. azad jumu kashmire
38. senate session. chairman
39. correct spelling. succeed
40. abul basher. hazart adam
41. tranfr jobs. democratic rular
42. sacrosanct. secred
43. first noble prize in sub continent. rabinder nath tagor
44. pedagogy. teaching
45. althogh he was a..... and new at game. novice
46. correct spelling. received
47. most abandant element on earth crust. oxygen
48. in bones and teeth of animals.. calciam phosphate
49. kareez system... baluchistan
50. ibi amin die in. soaudi arab
51. 18 toys cost 234. 35 toys cost. 546
52. shawwal is month. 10th
53. uncharged article is an atom. electoron
54. mirror of driving. concave
55. twitter is.. social network
56. beiging is a new name of. peking
57. ayatul kursi. sura baqra
58. greenwhich time. london
59. gandi jinnah talks to discus c.r formula.. raja gopal acharia
60. first muslim won noble prize. abul salam
61. acrophobia.. fear of hight
62. shakespare. as you like it
63. tale of two cities.. charlis dikens
64. islam was exectly declared religon of state.. constitute assembly
65. mohabbat khan mosque. pashawar
66. allama iqbal phd digree. munich univrrsty
67. 2/11 is 22 then 6/11=44
68. children orginization.. unicef
69. USB.. universal serial bus
70. state other than kashmisre dispute bw pak ind.. junagarh
71. 8 aprill 1950.. liaqat nehro pact
72. para olympic games.. physically handicapped
73. increase 20% then decrease 20%. not change
74. change passive voice.. the car had been sold by dealar
75. become farz on meraj event... namaz
76 i am sick by your lies
77. existance before world war 2. ILO
78. india attacked on pak.. 6. sep 1965
79. the manager.... receipt of my letter. accepted
80. predecessor of mountbatten.. lord waval
81. mother of yousaf... rachel
82. zakat ordinence.. 1980
83. owner of microsoft.. bill gates
84. largest pensuella. arabia
85. sentiago is capital of... chile
86. bhambhore is located in district.. thatta
87correct spelling.. victory
88- no of bones in adult body.. 206
89. 6+5x=30-x then x=.. 6
90. round table confrrrence held in.. london
91. alama iqbal farsi kalam... bal e jibrael
92. nasheb ka mutzad... fraz
93. marsia nigar poet... ameer anees
94. corecct zarb u misal... na 9 man teel ho ga na radha nache gi
95. urdu afsana gadria... ashfaq ahmed
96. islam zinda hota ha her kerbla k bad... m. ali johar
97. tanzo maza se bharpor kalam.... akbar ala abadi
98. moasherti pehlo paya jata ha... mazmon
99. as you sow then you reap... jesa bowo ge wesa kato ge.
100.. pehla masanvi nigar.. molana room

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Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Syllabus 2016

                      Inspector Inland Revenue 2016 Important Mcqs
                  Inspector Inland Revenue 2016 Important Mcqs 2

Inspector Inland Revenue Jobs 2016


 Paper of Assistant in CM'S Overseas Pakistan Commission
1. Fastest century in ODI?
2. Who invented safety pin?
3. Who wrote Gulliver's Travel?
4. Khunjerab pass connects?
5. Cape of Good Hope is located?
6. Silicon valley is in?
7. Golden gate is in?
8. Who gifted statue o liberty to USA?
9. Asarar us sandid is written by?
10. After Quais e Azam,who was governor general?
11. First civil martial law administrator?
12. Founder of Mughal dynasty?
13. Which battle fought in 1540 between Sher Shah and Hamayun?
14. Baghliyar dam on which river?
15. Quaid e Azam joined ML in ?
16. Which rays have highest penetration power?
17. Which rays are used to send signals at long distances?
18. Antonyms of Tranquil?
19. A fair weather friend means?
20. Anemometer is used to measure?
21. Which prime minister died during office?
22. When Tunis got independence from France?
23. When Israel got membership of UNO?
24. Which country oppesd membership of Pakistan in UNO?
25. In which period Indus water treaty signed?
26. How many sajda in Quran Pak?
I 27. What is the number of surah Al-kahf?
28. In which place, sacrifice is done?
29. At which place, Ahram is wear?
30. Synonym of Realm?
31. GSP stands for?
32. MDG stands for?
33. Hazrat Mujadid Alif sani belong to which Silsila?
34. Where Ahmed Faraz was born?
35. Where Mirza Ghalib was born?
36. Who wrote Nuskha Hay Wafa?
37. Hamdard newspaper?
38. Parachinar is headquarter of which agency?
39. Ho jintao was president of?
40. Nur Almalki was prime minister of?
41. Bashar ul Asad is president of?
42. Which prophet knows the voice of birds?
43. Which surah is called aaroos ul Quran?
44. Distance of marathon race?
45. Members of ECO?
46. Secretariat of SAARC?
47. Speed of Sound at sea level is?
48. Which blood cells produces antibodies?
49. Black and white means?
50. Largest Planet of solar system?

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Faisalabad City Govt Jobs Through nts 06-11-2016

Faisalabad City Govt Jobs Through nts 06-11-2016