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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Junior Auditor Military Accounts Paper Through Nts

Junior Auditor Military Accounts Paper Through Nts

 1. Trade mean?
2. IP in internet
3. Not a type of foreign trade
4. Not a fundamental document of JSC other than three( AOA,MOA,Prospectus)
5. Taka is the currency of Bangladesh
6. Veto powers 5 countries
7. Seoul is the capital of ?
8. Shortcut key of search ?
9. Short cut key of cut
10. Shortcut key of print preview
11. Expense and expenditure was
same in nature ,or opposite in nature or two different things?
12.712 AD me kon sa muslim ruler aya tha.
13. Taka is the currency of ?
14. How many players in valley ball team?
15. Veto power countries.?
16. BBC stand for?
17. Binary codes?
18. Which country gives Nobel prize?.
19. Name of Pakistan according to 1973 constitution?
20. Shortest surah of quran?
21. Revenue is most commonly recognized at the time when ?
A sale in made B. order is received from customer
22. Identify the cleaning account from the following ?
A manufacturing summary B.manufacturing overhead
23. The total amount of the debts payable by a business to itsowner is called?
A. internal liability B. long term liability
24. In case of cash book if the nature of balance is not mentioned then it will be? A. debit balance balance C. overdraft of cash book
25. In a process cost system the unit cost is computed for?.
A. job B.department. C.batch of goods D. categories of products
26. Sole propeietor ship is the?
A. old form of business B. developed C. modern D. obsolete
27. Which of the following term is used for a predefined computational task?
A. result B. math operator C.function
28. The shape of insertion point symbol is?
A. arrow B.vertical line. C. horizontal
29. Which type of cost is not recorded in accounting records?.
A. opportunity .B sunk .C. irrelevant
30. Probability y distribution associated with any statistic is called ?
A.frequency distribution .B probability C. density D. sampling
31. A point estimator is a function that yield?
A. linear function B. interval value C. non liner
32. Variance of chi square distributed random variable is equal to of its degree of freedom?
A.square root B. cube C. thrice etc
33. Which of the following measure of central tendency is sensitive to the extreme or outlying values in the tail of the distribution?
A. median B. mode C. mean D. variance
34. Measures of location and dispersion are the concepts of ?
A. qualitative data B. quantitative data .C attributes
35. A subset of a population is knows as?
A.sample B. constant
36. Two coins are tossed , and then the condition probability of two heads given that there is at least on head is A. 1/3 B 1/4 C 3/4 D 2/4
37. Commerce is a branch of
38. In the future the role of the finance function will be ?
A.tactical B stewards C. professional advisor D. specialist term member.
39. In principle current assets are financed form?
A. retained B. fresh capital C. current liability
40. In sole propritorship the capital is? B. depends upon sources of the owner
41. Which of the following are the disadvantages of co-operative society size B. Inefficient management. C. finance D.lack of interest.
42. Which of the following is not the demerit of sole trade.
a entire control.b shortage of capital c difficulty in credit .d limited life
43. Which of the following are function of sole trade ship ?
A. capital formation B. management of business C. marketing. D. profit or loss
44. Bird: Chirp
45. Turnip: vegetable
46. Strengthen: Weaken
47. Pride: humbleness
48. Lion: Roar
49. Mango: Fruit.
50. Total Number of Rows and columns in Excel?

51. Gross profit =net income + expenses
analytical reasoning question,

1. PTV dramas question
2. Workers LMNRP Question
3, Exercise question