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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Punjab Revenue Authority, Government of the Punjab Jobs 17-01-2017

Punjab Revenue Authority, Government of the Punjab Jobs 17-01-2017

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Inspector Inland Revenue Batch 6 Paper 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Batch 6 Paper 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Batch 2 Paper 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Batch 2 Paper 2016
1] fbr is an attached department of which division
finance. Revenune. Commerce. None.
2] senior most member among these
finance minister. Chairman fbr. None
3] suo moto power of examination of records lies with
commissioner.fbr. Both. None
4] adrc function
5] decision of adrc is
6] power to write off not tax lies with
prime minister. Commissioner. Commissioner iir. None
7] pral stands for?
8] which of the following is not liable to pay tax
welfare organization. Manufacturer business. None
9] which one is coorect about pm tax incentive scheme?
10] which one is wrong about pm tax incentive scheme
11] what is true about webcos
12] webocs number of user
13] rate of tax on companies in 2017?
14] if profit on debt is less than 25 million what should be the rate of income tax?
15] advance tax collects from
16] minimum tax on land development
17] pupose of imposing super tax in 2015 on companies
18] income tax contibuton as a % in tax revenue
19] if a taxpayer deduct duty inventively to whom it pay back
federal govt .commissioner. None.
20] which tax payable by dependent of shuhuda in immovable property
stamp duty. Advance incom tax. Sales.
21] advance tax on motor vehicle
22] tax on land is how many %
23] default surcharge on account of tax fraud
24] if a person failed to maintain records under st amount of penalty?
25] under sales tax act payment exceeds what should be made through cheque?
10 million. 25 million. 50 million. None
26] sales tax registration is not applicable on which busniess activity
manufacturer. Distributor. Dealer. None
27] under voluntary tax scheme paid up capital limit is
10 million. 25 million. 50 million. None
28] sales tax levied under third schedule on
retail price. Quantity of goods. Value of goods. Invoice price
29] if a person fails to register in 60 days of commencement of business what is the amount of penalty?
(options were in thousands, kibor and kibior + 3%)
30] further excise duty on non-registered person is
3%. 2%. 1%. None.
31] inland revenue officer appointed under sales tax section of what
sec 30. 31. 32. None
32] who file income tax return?
33] in fed if a person make untrue declaration amount of penalty would be
34] tax on cash withdrawal above 50,000 for non-filler is
0.2 %. 0.3% 0.4%. None
35] excisable services included under which schedule of fed
36] advance tax on payment to non-resident person for technical services
37] inland revenue wing collected what % of total tax this year
38] 2015-16 tax tragets is achieved _____ in billion rs.
39] special tax year order is given by
commissioner. Chief commissioner. Additional commissioner. None
40] if person fails to file return after 10 days of due date what is penalty for would be.
41] standard sales tax rate
10 % 13% 15% none
42] relevant date for applicable of fed is
date of production. Date of consumption. Date of supply. None
43] vegetable ghee oil included in which schedule of sales tax
3rd. 2nd. 1st. None
44] top revenue contributor of inland revenue
excise. Income.custom. None
45] following is a part of head of income of business.
46] following is not the part of head of income salary.
47] following is deductible in head of income from property.
48] additional commissioner junior to which
49] loss of hotels carry forward for how many years
5. 6. 7. None
50] pakistan resident on tax of following days

120. 160. 180. None

Inspector Inland Revenue Paper 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Paper 2016
1- Income from Property
2- Income
3- Agriculture Income
4- While calculating income from business, personal expenses are deductible are not?
5- Income from business
6- Exempt Authority
7- Spe
8- Salary other than exempt charge to
9- Tax credit on donations
10- Authority to allow tax payment on installment
11- Authority for arresting
12- Arrears collection inland
13- Arrears recovery
14- Tax credit
15- ..
16- Royalty head
17- Income from hire or lease of tangible movable property
18- Tax on asset
19- Exemptions
20- Foreign Government Employees salary
21- ST Zero rated schedule
22- Registered person can claim input tax for supplies
23- ..
24- Who should register in Sales Tax
25- Penalty on fraud
26- Appeal to high court within ………. Days
27- Sales Tax period means
28- Exempt schedule
29- Appeal to Appellate Tribunal
30- ….
31- Federal Government agreement with Foreign government
32- …
33- Repayment of Tax allowing authority..
34- Orders, Notes
35- Dutiable goods are specified in which schedule
36- Which order of the board must not followed by the employees of fbr
37- Default surcharge P/A at which rate
38- Duty free goods
39- “Definitions” section
40- “Schedule” mean
41- ………………………………. Specified in schedule
42- ….
43- Tax Reforms in Pakistan financed by…..
44- Reducing reliance on WHT is
45- Re-engineering means in Tax reforms………
46- Establishment of large tax payment
47- Tax reforms GDP
48- Tax reforms arbitrariness
49- TARP environment term exist
50- Tax Reforms
51- Tax reforms all inland tax
52- Tax reforms increase with
53- FBR promote
54- FBR adopt modern method
55- FBR improves productivity
56- How many functions of FBR 22, 30, 15, none
57- FBR grant allowances, rewards
58- Direct tax is
59- WHT is which type of tax
60- Indirect tax means
61- 2014-15 direct tax contribution is 40%, 50%, 60%...
62- Non tax
1)Focus on FBR Reforms
2)Power of the board & commissioner
3) schedule name (specially sales tax+FEA)
4) kIBOR Rate ?
5) Income tax counted in ? A)Cash method,b)acrual method
6) offences & penalties (pay fine) etc
7)Reforms financed by ?
8) Duty difines
9) confiscate cigrate & beverage (sec 27 FEA)
10)default surcharge
11)penlty for tax fraud ?
12) penalty for to obstruct revenue officer ?
13)schedule 3 of FEA 2005
14) Sales tax 5th schedule
15) sec 2 of FEA 2005
How appoint e intermediary. Board
Procedure to arrest a person. 37b
Obstruct authorised officer. 25k+100%
Fail to maintaon record.10k+5%
Duty in which bank.any designated bnk
Order notice decision. Sec 56
Board order which are not followed by officr. Qusai judicial
Default surcharge rate.kibor+3
Service liable to duty sch n 98 custom act
Tax administration finance by .world bnk
Re engineering. Admin reform
1. Bad Debts.
2. Which Schedule is about what.
3. Reforms in Administrative, procedural, policy.
4. Corporate Tax.
5. Sales Tax Rate.
6. ADRC and it's time duration within which to be formed.
7. Appellate authority stay order powers.
8. Sales Tax Liability Section
9. Provisional Assesment
10. Show Cause Notices.
11. When should you furnish returns/Due date.
12. Who can reward official of Inland Revenue
13. Who can appoint
14. FBR Hierarchy.
15. Powers of Commissioner.
16. Who can rectify orders.
17. Time period within which the board can recall sub-ordinates orders
18. Time Period for maintaining record.
19. Who FBR Finances itself and what are the resources External/internal/others
20. FBR Internal Hiring
21. FBR electronic Filing acceptancy
22. Who can condone time limits.
21. Honors/medals/awards by president and it's taxable/non-taxable status.
22. Focus on Excise.
1. Federal govt exempt penalty and default surcharge
2 cost of reference to high court is of the discretion of high court
3 delayed refund payable at KIBOR p.a
4 inland revenue officer not rank of asst commissioner issue duplicate sales tax document
5 Special procedures of sales tax allowed by Federal Government
6 Buyer cannot claim input tax if credit transaction amount is not paid within 180 of issuance of invoice
7 At least one special Judge to be appointed under ST act
8 board or commissioner appoint auditors for special audit
9 Income from hire or lease of tangible movable property is "income from business "
10 income from other sources includes royalty, dividend, profit on debt, ground rent ,lease of building with plant and machinery ,pension ,gratuity
11 no loss recognize on disposal of following capital assets painting ,jewelry ,coins ,antique
12 on cement FED is Rs 1 per kg
13 Capital gain tax is 10 % for five years on immovable property now
14 Tax credit for employment generation is two person up June 2019
15 tax credit for sales to registered person is 3% now
16 Threshold for cottage industry is now 10 million
17 Gowadar free zone is exempted from sales tax and FED for 23 years
18 Tax credit for new established undertaking is 100 5 from July 2011 to June 2016
19 Speculation business loss only set off against speculative income

Inspector Inland Revenue Paper 1st Batch 2016

Inspector Inland Revenue Paper 1st Batch 2016
Sale tax exemption section 13
Federal excise date 1/7/2005
Federal excise first schedule (EXCISABLE GOODS)
Federal excise second schedule sales tax mode
Non resident person will not give tax on foreighn income TRUE
Wing of fbr Customs,Admin,Taxpayers Audit,legal,fate,SPA&S,Hrm,IT,Accounts,RA&R
Concentrated beverage tax rate*
1ncome tax greater contribution (withholding tax)
Function of fbr*
*Choosing for Audit (computer ballot)
Fbr chairman is appointed by Fedral Govt
Few question from income head salary*
For navy officer to bring cigarette on vessel for personal use exempted
Sale tax regarding Records to be maintained 6 year
Apeal to high Court 90days
she spoke english some / little doubted
she complains of bullying or about bullying doubted
Duplicate of sale tax document on Rs 100
in f.ED how imprisonment 5 years
Penality in excess for repeat (100% of the previously applied)
WHT on cash withdrawl filer 0.03%
non filer purchasing 850 cc bike 10000
chairman of reform committee*
Arrest can be done commissioner
voluntary payment scheme not tax audti 3years, 4 years, 5 years 5years
Allowance of foreign employees*
*green pepper is very rich-----vitamin c of*
Which one not collected by FBR?*
Each FBR wings headed by*
4) FBR doesn't collect ?? NONe
5) ADRC has been constituted ?? Apr-2009
6) Maximum cost involved for ADRC ? No cost
7) each FBR wing is headed ?? Chief Commissioner
8) Which one is not wing of FBR ? None of above
9) which of the following tax is not administered by IR of FBR ?*
10) under the PM which tax scheme ? Amnesty ( to be checked doubted)
Which does not collect fbr : wealth tax None of above
Person includes not Fedral Govt
400,000 (tax rate 0%) 0
Tax reforms commission chairman (ishaq dar) Ishaq dar (to be checked doubted)
Insurance included in schedule ___ (2nd)*
Cigarette exemption duty manufacturing for army , navy , air forces*
Black list taxpayer by chief comsioner does not applicable in case of : short payment*
*Time period condon it time by : fed Govt
Fail to furnish information*
*Show cause notice of fedral exice act with in*
Capital asset does not include (consumabale store or stock in trade )
Record for maintain sale tax 6 Years
Federal exice act duty can not*
How many tax payer register person in Pakistan (4 % , 8 % , 6 %) None of above
Quasai judicial order by FBR
Arrestment : by AC
Duplicate sale tax document (1000, 100 ,none of these), 100
Volunatary tax scehem : Amnesty from audit

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Welfare Paper Held On 15-01-2017

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Welfare Paper Held On 15-01-2017

1. Confucianism Religion : Chinese

2. Warsak Dam : Kabul River

3. Indus Saga and Making of Pakistan book: Aitzaz Ahsan

4. Hussain Shaheed Suhrwardy: 5th Prime Minister of Paksitan

5. Opaque Synonyms: Dirty

6. Jaudice effect on skin: Yellowing 

7. Dalbandin City : Balochistan

8. Qazaf : To accuse of adultery 

9. Itikaf meaning: 

10. Being and Nothingness book : Jean-Paul Sartre

11. Keto Bunder in sindh famous for : Port

12. Melancholy synonym : Sad

13. Das Kapital Book : Karl Marx

14. Reykjavik : Capital of Iceland

15. Sepulchral Synonym: dark

16. World Humanitarian Summit of May 2016 held in: Istanbul

17. Malice : hate

18. Water Basin Treaty : 1960

19. Pakistan won first Olympics medal:  1960

20. Who succeeded Zia ul Haq : Ghulam Ishaq Khan

21. To Counter Ghandi Quit India slogan Quaid e Azam gives slogan of : Divide and Quite

22. In which constitution Pakistan Declared as Islamic Republic: 

23. UPS : Uninterruptible Power supply

24. If A and B complete the work in 15 days and B alone complete the work in 20 days. How many days A will take to complete the work alone. 

25. Pakistan Joined UNO: 1947

26. 14,28,20,40, 32, 64, ............. next figure? 56

27. 0.003 equal to 3/1000

28. First Secretary General of UNO : Trygve Lie

29. Muhammud Younus work: Grameen Bank

30. Sea rout to inida : Vasco da gamma

31. Ali Akbar Hashmi Iranian president died recently succeeded the: ALi Khamini

32. objective resolution pint: to protect peope rights

33. Sonia Gandhi relation with Mohatam Gandhi : No relation

34. First UNO Mission to Pakistan to observe ceasefire in : 1949

35. Which key used to take picture screenshot to clipboard : Print Screen

36. Education Minister of Punjab : Rana Mashoood

37. ICJ Headquarter : Haque

38. Nanga Parbat is _______ highest mountain range? 9th

39. Surah Al Mimin : 24th Para

40. Last Ghzwa : Tabook 

41. Karbla Event : 61 AH

42. Bait e Rizwan to take revenge of : Hazrat Usman RA

43. ZIBALLAH Title of:  

44. Mir Taqi Mir born in: Agra

45. Longest born : Femur 

46. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Beijing

Saturday, 7 January 2017

P.O.BOX NO 750, GPO Rawalpindi Jobs 08-01-2016

P.O.BOX NO 750, GPO Rawalpindi Jobs 08-01-2016

Friday, 6 January 2017

Military Lands & Cantonment Board Department, Ministry Of Defence Jobs 06-01-2017

Military Lands & Cantonment Board Department,
Ministry Of Defence Jobs 06-01-2017


National Accountability Bureau Headquarter Islamabad Jobs 06-01-2017

National Accountability Bureau Headquarter Islamabad Jobs 06-01-2017

National Accountability Bureau Rawalpindi Jobs 06-01-2017

National Accountability Bureau Rawalpindi Jobs 06-01-2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Auditors Jobs In PPSC 04-01-2017

Auditors Jobs In PPSC 04-01-2017

Monday, 2 January 2017

Faisalabad Development Authority Jobs 02-01-2017

Faisalabad Development Authority Jobs 02-01-2017


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sbp OG-2 6th Batch Paper Held on 01-01-2017

Sbp OG-2 6th Batch Paper Held on 01-01-2017

Company name of Panama leaks
Ambassador assisinated in Ankara 2016
Tapi gas pipeline?
1. which pakistani player take max wicket in one day international cricket?
A. Shahid afraid I
B. Waseem akhter
C. Imran Khan
D. Waqar younus

2. pakistan playing cricket with?

3. pakistan is not member of which trade organization?

4. Pakistan 1st capital?

5. Pakistan stock market crosses how much points in December 2016?

6. Which troops arrive for first ever joint military-exercise-with-Pakistan ?

7. PIA flight name crashes near Havelian was ?

8. Olympics kitnay year bad hoti?

9. Summit Bank is Merged now which bank?

10. Ideas mn kis k sath hua Pakistan ka agreement?

11. Average of 1 to 15 numbers is ?

12. Which one is odd 3 , 5, 7, 9 ?

13. Pakistan ky flag pr 5 star kis chez ko show krty hain (is tarhan ka sawal tha)? A. Muslim majority B. Minority of Non Muslim C. Both D. 5 provinces

14. Nu0vmber me knsee conference conference postpone hoi thi?

15. Which part of Pakistan is known as Tibet?

16. Who was the last Mughal empire of India?

17. Pakistan ny kis sy loan nhi liya?

18. Which one of them is not prime number? 43,47,51

19. Largest exporter of Pakistan? China , European Union, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan

20. Which of them Pakistan doesn't export? Textile, chemical, tea , sports goods

21. 6A , 8Z , 4B, 10Y , 2C, 12X, 0D, 14W What will come next ?

22. Current largest share in GDP which sector? Agriculture, industries, services, none




Scratch someone's back
Miss the boat
Cloud has silver lining

Largest export trading partner of pak?

1. Guddu Barrage located in Sindh Province
2. Last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar
3. First Capital of Pakistan was Karachi
4. Olympics are held every 4 years
5. Malakhara is a form of wrestling
6. Green portion, Crescent and star represent Muslims
7. Highest Pakistani ODI wicket-taker is Wasim Akram
8. K-2 is also called Mount Godwin Austen
9. Little Tibet: Skardu
10. National tree of Pakistan is Deodar
11. Panama Leaks: Mossack Fonseca
12. TAPI: Turkmenistan
13. PIA Crash: ATR 42
14. Senate demonetization of: Rs. 5,000 note
15. PEMRA banned Indian content
16. Pakistan is playing cricket series with Australia
17. Ambassador of Russia was assassinated in Turkey
18. SAARC was postponed after 5 member states pulled out
19. Summit bank is considering merger with Sindh Bank
20. Pakistan is not member of ITO
21. First ever joint military exercises of Pakistan and Russia
22. Liquid foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan: $23 million
23. Largest export trade partner of pak: European Union
24. Largest contribution to GDP: Services
25. Labor force of Pakistan: 57 million
26. Pakistan has taken loans from all except: ECO
27. 40% stake bidding: Pakistan Stock Exchange
28. Pakistan Stock Exchange record: 44,000 points
29. Pakistan does not export Tea
30. IDEAS agreement Mushshak with Turkey

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Pak Suzuki Motor Management Trainee Jobs 31-12-2016

Pak Suzuki Motor Management Trainee Jobs 31-12-2016

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan and the leading automobile manufacturing company in Pakistan.
Pak Suzuki is seeking applications from dynamic and career oriented fresh graduates for its Management Trainee Program.

Civil / Sessions Courts, Faisalabad Jobs 31-12-2016

Civil / Sessions Courts, Faisalabad Jobs 31-12-2016